Guangzhou Bolin Care Products Co., Ltd. is an international innovative enterprise integrating maternal and child health care products integrating R&D, design, production, sales and after-sales service. With a professional R & D team, high-standard production workshop, excellent sales and service team, we are committed to providing high-quality maternal and child health and high-end care products to consumers around the world, contributing to the quality of life of the global family.The product range includes: wet wipes, wipes, diapers, baby diapers, baby skin care products, baby care products, bottles, pacifiers, baby clothing, cribs, Baby sling and many other products.

         Our mission is to “give a good life to your baby and mother”.

         Our vision is to “become a desirable international high-end care brand”.

         Our code of conduct is “clear goals, courage to go forward”.

         Our belief is “we can concentrate on creating the first, Special one .”

       Our philosophy is “to create a brand of high quality, safe and friendly, to make love more complete.”

   Our core values are “integrity, efficiency, excellence, mutual assistance, improvement, embracing change, creating value.” Committed to providing professional and safe high quality maternal and child care products to consumers around the world.

          Guangzhou Bolin is “born for love, because of dreams.”