Baby’s sleep time

We all know that the newborn baby sleeps most of the time. As the baby grows up, the sleep time will be less and less. So how long should the baby sleep from the newborn to the age of three or four?
1, newborn baby: let it go, sleep, want to eat, eat
2, 2-3 months old baby: sleep 15-18 hours a day, 3-4 times a day nap
3, 3-6 months old baby: 14-16 hours of sleep every day, 2-3 times during the day
4, 6-12 months old baby: 14-15 hours of sleep per day, 2 times of nap during the day
5, 1-2 years old baby: 12-14 hours of sleep every day, 1-2 times during the day
6, 3-4 years old baby: 10-12 hours of sleep every day, 1 time during the daytime lunch break

Pediatric self-limiting disease

Do you know what is “pediatric self-limiting disease”? This kind of illness wants to restore the resistance of people completely. Taking medicine just relieves the symptoms and has no therapeutic effect. A cold is a self-limiting disease. Therefore, for the following pediatric self-limiting diseases, parents do not have to worry too much, and children can be good without drugs.
Viral influenza
There are two types of colds, bacteria and viruses. The child has a bacterial flu, and after detecting which kind of bacteria, the corresponding antibiotics can be used for symptomatic treatment. And if it is a viral flu, there is no rule of law, basically relying on human immunity to heal itself.
2. Children’s acute rash
The child’s acute rash is also called rose rash. It is characterized by burning off after a rash, but the doctor cannot confirm the diagnosis before the rash. The disease often occurs in young children under the age of 2, and is more common in infants 6-12 months. Therefore, if a child has an unexplained high fever and the temperature is high, parents should pay attention to whether it is a child’s acute rash.
3. Hand, foot and mouth disease and herpetic pharyngeal cheekitis
Although these two types of pediatric diseases are highly contagious, they are self-healing and do not require additional medication. Pay attention to isolation and hygiene when you are nursing. Give your child plenty of water and eat more fluids. It is usually about a week. It is important to note that both diseases are viral and it is useless to eat antibiotics. Because antibiotics are used to fight bacteria.

How does the baby drink water?

The weather is getting hotter and hotter now. Some mothers will give the baby a lot of water to cool down. Is this really ok?
Breastfeeding baby does not need to drink water 1.6 months ago:
Because more than 90% of the ingredients in breast milk are water, it is only necessary to ensure the amount of milk per day for infants under 6 months of age without additional water.
2. When did you start drinking water for your baby?
After the baby adds the complementary food, you need to give the baby extra water. However, the baby’s stomach capacity is limited, and drinking plenty of water for the baby before meals will affect the amount of food. This may cause insufficient energy for a long time.
3. What kind of water does the mineral water, pure water, and sterile water give to your baby?
The mineral content in the mineral water is insignificant compared with the formula milk powder. Although it is not recommended that the mother deliberately drink the mineral water for the baby, the mother who has used it to brew the milk powder does not have to worry too much.
Some mothers think that there is no nutrition in pure water, and they can’t be given to the baby. But the water itself is a nutrient that the human body cannot do without, and the nutrition of the baby is not reliable.
The baby’s sterile water, the biggest feature is expensive, in addition, there is not much difference with ordinary mineral water, if the mother’s economic strength is strong, you can also choose, but if it is only for nutritional safety, there is really no It is necessary.

Scientific intake of sugar

Many mothers “talk about sugar change” but they can’t start. How to scientifically eat sugar? Let’s start by knowing sugar.
In fact, sugar is not a bad guy, it is an important energy source in our human body. Most of the energy we consume in our daily activities comes from sugar. In addition, sugar is an important substance that constitutes tissues and protects liver function. Eating a little sugar when you are emotional can also improve your mood.
The baby eats too much sugar, this is not, the trouble is followed.
1. Caries 2. Obesity 3. Can cause calcium deficiency or loosening of the baby, loose 6. Deficiency of nutrients 5. Affect vision
How can I reduce the sugar in my diet?
1. Eat more fruits, refuse juice 2. Try not to take sugary drinks and remember! The best drink is boiled water!
3. Develop a normal three-meal habit 4. Be wary of all kinds of small snacks